The 3 minute warm up

Three Minute Warm-Up

As Physiotherapists, we are often asked “what’s the best way to warm up?”

This is a great question, but unfortunately, there is no ‘one perfect warm-up’ because it all depends on what you are warming up for...

Put simply, a warm-up helps your body get ready for the task at hand. Whether that task is a game of footy, chopping down a tree or pushing a stroller on your morning walk, you still need to warm up!

Now, for this article, I have developed a brief (three minute) warm-up to help you relax, warm up your muscles and get you ready to go, regardless of the task at hand.

HOWEVER… A little disclaimer, this is generic sequence of movements, and for more strenuous tasks you should always use a task specific warm-up to reduce your injury risk and enhance performance.

So, let’s get to it! Here is our three-minute dynamic warm up

Alternate shoulder rolls – these are great to get the neck, shoulders and upper back loosened up.

Standing twist- surely the world’s most relaxing exercise? Just let everything relax as you swing your body around, letting your arms relax and use your momentum to maintain the movement.

Marching on the spot and swinging arms - Get your arms and legs going at the same time with this one. It’s sure to get your heart rate up.

Arm circles – Draw some nice big circles with your arms and that will get all of those little muscles around your shoulder blades (rotator cuff muscles) active and awake, ready to throw, catch, push and pull!

Hip circles – it’s like doing the hula hoop without having to worry about always dropping the hoop! Fun and relaxing but also great for your back, hips, knees and ankles.

Squats – Although this may sound like the workout, it’s great to start to load up your muscles with some weight bearing before you get into exercise. This is the secret ingredient that you can’t miss!

And that’s it! Just 30 seconds of each of these key movements will have you ready to go, relaxed and primed to tackle life head on.

Let us know in the comments bellow what your favourite warm up exercises are, they might just get a show on our social media pages!