Posture. Everybody's Favourite Topic

Posture – everybody’s favourite topic

I’m sure as you’re starting to read this you are thinking of sitting up straight, chest out, shoulders back bla bla bla

Yes we do need to be aware of our posture, but is this ‘good posture’ position that we typically all know is good for us actually comfortable?


It’s tiring, all of our muscles are working so hard! How on earth do you expect to sit like that all day for your 8 hour work shift in perfect posture. You just can’t!

You see, the body is designed to move, change and adapt. Right?

Then why would we tense everything to fix it into the one spot for hours on end?

We need to learn to move, adapt, change and alter our position. We need to be able to shift around. Most of all, we need to be comfortable!

If you spent an hour in a slouched position or an hour in this perfect posture position, I’m sure that regardless, you’d be sore by the end of it and feeling stiff.

My tip for you today is:

a) Be aware of your position and posture

b) Relax

c) Keep moving, keep changing position

It’s that simple, give your body what it wants. Movement!

Keep moving and have a nice day :)