New age medicine...a holiday???

Enjoy Your Winter Holidays (without pain)!

Victorians love to get away in winter and many of us head north to seek a little vitamin D. But did you know that holidays can improve recovery from injuries and help to decrease pain? Being on a holiday allows the body and mind to relax, reducing some of the tension which can cause pain and allowing you to enjoy yourself more. A change in scenery and routine can help us forget about all the stresses at home and can lead to a sense of freedom!

So, your pain might not magically disperse on holidays, but here’s a few tips to help you say ‘au revoir’ to your pain…

Try new things

Holidays are a fantastic way to get us outside of our comfort zone and trying new things. This can be hugely beneficial in the sense that you move in ways that you may usually be afraid to do due to the fear of pain.

Not only do you get to have fun trying these new things, it gives your brain a chance to reassess its understanding of your pain and will relay this understanding of ‘pain free movement’ into other similar movements that were once pain free!

Although in saying this, don’t be silly about it… Running with the Bulls in Spain isn’t your best idea with a back that leaves you hobbling, nor is bungee jumping with a broken ankle off a bridge in New Zealand. But trying your hand at surfing in Portugal, going on a lakeside bike ride in Slovenia, swimming under a waterfall in Thailand and kayaking through caves in Adelaide are all must do activities that you shouldn’t let your pain stop you. (Hang on, is this a travel brochure? Maybe just wishful thinking…)

Adopt an “I’m on holidays” Mind Set

I’m on holidays! It’s as simple as that. No work. No school. No deadlines. No hours at a computer screen. No cooking meals after a long day. No slumping on the couch to watch another cooking show that you fall asleep half way through again. No boss on your back about complaining about your pain.

You’re free! Take the time to relax and enjoy yourself. If you go away to see family and friends, explore the world, see the great Australian backyard or just chill out in the sun, either way, you’re doing what you love.

People are happier on holidays, it’s a fact! Take your time to enjoy the little things, appreciate life and come back feeling refreshed.

The people you surround yourself with

Holidays can be a great time to tune out of the hourly social media updates!

Now that you’re being greeted by Julio the barman with your cocktails, and Chad the friendly surf teacher you couldn’t be happier! We go on holidays with the people we love spending time with, be it your kids, partner, friends or a random group of travellers, you’ll find your niche. Being with like minded people who are also living in the moment is an amazing feeling. Tuning out of all of life’s distractions is brilliant for letting you also tune out of your pain. Shift the focus away and live life on your terms.

So instead of looking back at photos in 10 years’ time of you standing on top of the Eiffel Tower, telling the story of how your back had a sharp 7/10 pain focused on the right side and radiating slightly into the right buttock……you’ll tell the story of how you had the most beautiful buttery croissant before going up and stayed up there for 2 hours to watch the sunset before wondering down The Champs-Élysées back to your hotel!

In saying this, please always follow your therapist’s advice and continue your prescribed exercises. It’ll only take a few minutes out of your day and may be the difference between going out and enjoying your holiday and being cooped up in a hotel room by yourself while your friends and family enjoy themselves.

If you are about to head off on a holiday, please call into Goulburn Physiotherapy, where one of our friendly practitioners can give you the guidance and support you need to get the most out of your trip!