Netball Pre-season Blog

Get ready for the netball season!

Netball pre-season needs to be specific to your game play. This involves improving your match fitness and preparing your body for the repeated bumps, jolts and shocks of each match!

The key fitness components for netball are agility, speed and power.

Agility enables you to manoeuvre around the court.

Speed helps you to get to the ball first.

Power is needed to jump for rebounds, pass the ball and make intercepts.

So, how can you do all this, while decreasing your risk of injury or fatigue?

The following plyometric exercises can help prepare your body for take-off and landing:

Agility: Skiing exercise

This little side to side movement is great for strengthening your hips, knees and ankles. Keep your body low and try to spring off as quickly as possible. To increase the challenge, shuffle forward and backwards as well as side to side.


Speed: Ball drop sprint – two person exercise

Stand at least 3m apart with your partner holding a netball in each hand with arms out by their side. Make sure you’re on your toes and ready to take off, as if you were about to take the centre pass. As your partner drops one of the two balls, you need to take off and try and catch it before the second bounce. If it’s too hard, move closer. If it’s too easy, move further away.


Power: Broad jumps

This exercise needs to be controlled and explosive (the two key elements of a power-based movement). Start by jumping forward as far as you can with two legs. You can then move on to doing them single leg, this will further simulate game practice.


Pre-season is about trying new things without the pressure of match play, so don’t be afraid to have a go at something new and learn from it. Work hard and you’ll be rewarded. Keep these exercises up throughout the season, they can be a nice indicator of your fitness throughout the season.

Wanting some more exercises or are being limited by a niggling injury? Then book an appointment with one of our friendly physiotherapists and we will be sure to get you back on track to play your best season yet!