How and Why You Need to Squat

How and why you need to squat!

Do you squat? Or can you squat, more to the question?

Everyone should be squatting more! Our modern lifestyles are often too sedentary – we sit down too often and for too long, causing stiffness in the hips and loss of flexibility. Backs get sore and risk of injury is increased.

So how does the humble squat change this?

The benefits are many, including…

  • Improved strength
  • Better gut health (yep, squatting can help your digestion!)
  • Increased mobility, more movement in your joints and reduced stiffness!
  • Squats keep your hips strong and this relays into your back…. Meaning improved posture!

These benefits will reduce your risk of injury and alleviate the symptoms of diseases such as arthritis.

“So, how do I squat?” I hear you ask…

  • Aim to get low!
  • Start with your feet slightly wider than hip width. Sit your bottom down towards the floor.
  • Keep your knees in line with your ankles and your toes pointing out slightly.
  • Keep your back straight, avoid arching or hunching your back at any point and keep your head forward.
  • Feet should remain flat with the heels NOT lifting off the floor.

If you cannot go all the way down, that’s fine! But make it your goal. A little tip to help you from falling back and keeping your position – hold onto a pole or a door frame as pictured, this will ensure you stay grounded and help you get the benefits of that position for a little longer until you can hold it yourself.

Please remember, that you probably won’t get it on your first go, it takes time to warm up and for the muscles to relax, especially if you’ve spent all day sitting.

Keep trying and let us know how you’re going in the comments below. We look forward to hearing from you.

In short for those who like to skip to the end…

Who is this information for?


What is this about?


Why should I squat?

To reduce injury risk, improve digestive health and improve strength

Where shall I squat?


When should I squat?

Every day

How do I squat?

Squat all the way down as low as you can to the floor, keeping your back in a neutral (not rounded, not arched) position. Keep your feet flat on the floor and your head looking forward. Hold onto a pole or door frame to keep you upright so you don’t fall backwards (for those with poor mobility).