Exercise - Love it or Hate it


You may love it, you may hate it. There is one thing we can all agree on – It is good for you!

The real question is why? Why is exercise better than treatments like massage, needling, manipulation and cupping?

The fact is as simple as this. Your body was designed to move, to adapt and be dynamic in nature. It is designed to run, jump, walk, climb, lift, carry, push and pull. It can bend and twist and move in all sort of directions. There is a reason that humans are on top of the food chain – because we learnt how to best adapt.

To be dynamic in nature we need to be challenged by external stimuli. These stimuli can vary greatly from lifting something heavy, to walking up hills or ducking and weaving through a busy place.

So, what is the best type of movement (or exercise) for me?

In days gone by, in exotic places, you could have found yourself embarking on a day-long journeys, chasing down an albatross through the dessert... or running and jumping over logs, crouching in the grass to sneak up on your prey, throwing objects to slow it, pulling yourself up over a rock face to intercept it on the other side and finally carrying it a few kilometres home to feed your family.


These days, you could try something that challenges your body in a number of different movements to stay fit (a different type of survival!)

It’s pretty simple - keep your body moving and functioning in a dynamic way like it was designed to do, and you will reduce your risk of injury and illness.

Give the body what it wants – Movement!

I’ll tell you a story, as another example of the importance of exercise...

Jo hurts his back because he spends much of his day bending over lifting and moving bags of rice. It hurts because the muscles have been used repetitively from doing a movement that he is not used to doing. He could rest it a little, but rest alone usually won’t fix it.

Through regular movement, Jo’s body starts to heal and repair itself. His pain subsides and he can get back to feeling normal. Jo’s muscles had weakened over time, so repetitive lifting caused him pain. He decided to do some specific exercises to strengthen those muscles and was then capable of doing the heavy lifting, when needed, without pain.

The same thing that you do to prevent an injury is the stuff you do to rehabilitate an injury – Movement.

As you can see, exercise is more than just something that people tell you to do to get better, it is what we are innately designed to do. So why stop moving? Why stop exercising?

If you don’t know where to start, we sure do! Call in and let us help you get on this journey of better more natural movement.